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Kapheus First Three Gift Set


Kapheus Earth, Air, and Water



The ‘Kapheus First Three Gift Set’ contains the first three books in the Kapheus series. All books are signed by the author with a special message dedicated to you inside each book.


Let me tell you what people think of the Kapheus series:

‘I’m just writing to you to tell you how much I like the Kapheus series. When this letter gets to you I will probably have read three books in the series. Right now, I’ve two books finished in four days, because I love them so much…’  Dara (aged 10)

‘Well, last night myself and Fallen finished Kapheus Water. This was a journey we started with Kapheus Earth at Christmas. Before we went to sleep most nights we devoured at least one chapter. Each night as I closed the book, Fallen would say ‘NOOOOO’! because he never wanted the story to end.’  Polly (and Faolán)

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