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Each book you purchase will be signed by the author with a special inscription to the person in your life.


The Kapheus series is a fantasy adventure story set in the landscape of Ireland along the Wild Atlantic Way. These books are for children aged 8+ years old.

With ‘Sponsor a Book’ you can ensure that your designated school and/or public library will receive books from the Kapheus series and make them available to even more children. Adding these books to a library means that more children can share the book, read it and be impacted by Irish literature.


Marguerite Tonery is an energetic and creative storyteller and author of the Kapheus series of children’s books

Thank you for coming to my website. My name is Marguerite Tonery and I am the  author of the Kapheus series of children’s books.  In these books there is a special connection between the contemporary world and the world of myth and legend. Ka is the Sanskrit for light and this book series is all about the battle between light and dark.  Phe is found in Greek and means to be spoken about and it is nice for a book to be spoken about. By now, I had Kaphe and it was a lilt from then on to create the word Kapheus to represent the fantastical world of light.

David T. Wenzel, the illustrator of The Hobbit, illustrated the front cover of Kapheus Earth (Christmas 2014), and then Kapheus Air (Christmas 2015) and Kapheus Water (Christmas 2016). It was then that Kapheus was taken under  the wing of Tribes Press and Kapheus Fire was illustrated by the French illustrator Fabrice Bertolotto. Fabrice has actually illustrated a revised cover for Kapheus Air and will also be illustrating the cover of the fifth book in the series due for release in September 2019. I am so excited about the upcoming illustrated cover for Kapheus Spirit, the next book in the series. So watch out for it under new fantasy books 2019.

The Kapheus series  has been positively reviewed in newspapers, online magazines and blogs and on several radio stations in Ireland.  Kapheus Air made it to the exclusive Late Late Toy Show bookshelf 2016.


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