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Who Am I?

My story is probably not very different to yours. I was born and reared in Galway City on the west coast of Ireland and this culture and landscape has shaped who I am today. I initially studied biochemistry at university and then returned to university again to study psychology, and in particular, the psychology of health. We are all spiritual in some way, and for me, this took the form of teaching meditative practice to help people discipline their minds and to find peace in themselves.

As the years have passed, I have written a series of books for children called Kapheus that provides both psychological and meditative tools to overcome the challenges of growing up, disguised in dragons and elves and mythical creatures of all sorts. I also wrote a book to support families of very young children during the pandemic called Covid Monster’s Visit. This is to help alleviate stress and anxiety in the child. My new venture is quite an old venture. It’s a self-help/human potential book I wrote before the economic crash in Ireland in 2008, and was shelved until 2021. My editor has asked that I publish it, and I hope it will be out for Christmas 2022.

Thank you for reading,


Marguerite Tonery.