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As an independent publishing house, it is our mission to champion books written by Irish authors and depicting Irish mythology, language and culture, with stories that speak to us across linguistic and cultural borders. By sponsoring a book you can help us achieve our mission of championing Irish independent authors, you’ll ensure that your designated school and/or public library will receive it and make it available for everyone. Adding these books to a library means that more people can share the book, read it and be impacted by Irish literature.

How does it work?

The ‘Sponsor a Book’ service invites you to help us expand and add depth to the public collection by supporting school and public libraries.

By following the LINK, you can choose how many books you would like to purchase and your preferred library.

An acknowledgement of your donation will be included.  

Note: For books purchased for the ‘Sponsor a Book’ service, please state your chosen library and its address in the Order notes during checkout.

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