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Anglo-Irish Book Set



‘Anglo-Irish Book Set’ of Covid Monster’s Visit and Cuairt Covid Arracht is a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book that supports young children through this Covid pandemic without all the fear. Covid Monster’s Visit was illustrated by French illustrator Fabrice Matray and translated to Irish by Máirtín Davey.

Book set contains:

Covid Monster’s Visit Picture Book

Cuairt Covid Arracht Picture Book

Plant Your Pencil 6 colour pencils, 2 graphite pencils and 1 colouring book


It’s a very cute book to help children not be afraid! And I love the illustrations!!” 
– Debi – Teacher & Mother from Texas, USA (Instagram post)
“This book is perfect to explain to kids why and how Covid is affecting their lives. My daughter seems to now fully understand why she has to act the way she has to because of the virus. She liked it so much that I read the story twice the first time we sat down to read it!”
– Melissa – Mother from Canada (Instagram post)

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