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My name is Marguerite Tonery and I have written Kapheus Earth, Kapheus Air and Kapheus Water. These books are epic fantasy adventure stories steeped in Irish mythology. They are set in the landscape of Ireland from the Wild Atlantic Way to the Hill of Tara and aimed towards children aged 7 years and upwards.

I was born on the west coast of Ireland  and live here in Galway. I was the sixth born of seven children, which was then a typically Irish family. My childhood had a mixed influence from my parent’s background. My mother brought the openness of a woman who was reared in Dublin city to her children in the rural west, while my father brought the earthy love of land and nature to us as children. Both aspects of this upbringing combined to give that richness to my writing.

My professional background as a psychologist has also influenced my writing. The dragons, elves, and mythical creatures guide Elisa and Jamie through the greatest challenges of their lives, and in the background the complex dynamic between parents and children, and between siblings themselves comes alive. I hope everyone who reads these books enjoys Kapheus.


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