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An entire series of books awaits eager minds only waiting for the reader to open the cover and get immersed in the adventure.

When you order the complete Kapheus Series, request one of our special gift sets and the specially wrapped series will arrive at your doorstep with a personalised dedication by the author in each book.

Kapheus Earth

It is a story that helps children to feel comfortable in their own skin, to bring balance to their thoughts and emotions and teaches them to harmonise with their natural world. It is also action-packed and exciting to keep them turning the pages.

Kapheus Air

Kapheus Air helps children in their relationships with others. It also teaches them about synchronicity and on being flexible.  It is a book that tells children that it’s alright to leave certain things to the grown ups in their lives and not to take on adult worries.

Kapheus Water

Kapheus Water is about love, loss and togetherness.  It helps children to build mental strength and to learn to work as part of a team with the people in their lives…

Kapheus Fire

Kapheus Fire looks at imbalances of power in relationships and life in general. It teaches children how to manage fiery emotions and the power that comes with growing up.

Kapheus Spirit

Kapheus Air give children a platform to believe in themselves and their dreams, and to work towards achieving their desires.


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