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Kapheus Spirit


12.00 Cuir sa Chairt

‘I am all things in all places,’ the Messenger said and those very words stroke fear into the hearts of Kaphiens. 

The ancient trees of the Kaphien woodlands have waited far too long and have united to summon the Messenger from the depths of the spirit world to herald a new dawn. In Éire, Elisa and Jamie have both reached the coming of age, and their mother calls upon Ailistríona, the gnome of great powers, to create the seoid an fh áidh for each of them.
Yet, in the time the Children of Light were in Éire, Kapheus has grown still and fear has swept through the land. Elisa and Jamie are not safe to enter Kapheus, and when the boundary between the two worlds closes, they are left trapped inside forever.
Will the Children of Light find a way back to Éire?

Nothing is what it seems, and true Kaphien heroes reveal themselves in the most unexpected ways…

Fág Freagair

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