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Síneoidh an t-údar gach leabhar a cheannóidh tú le teachtaireacht speisialta don duine mór i do shaol.


“Last night myself and Faolán finished Kapheus Water. Before we went to sleep most nights we devoured at least one chapter. Each night as I closed the book Faolán said NOOOOOOOOO! because he never wanted the story to end!”

Polly and Faolán

“I have the two books finished in four days, because I am reading them so much. I have a shelf where I put all my best books I’ve read on it! They include Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Alex Rider and Kapheus.”

Dara, Aged 10.

“We were so honoured and delighted to have Marguerite and her team in our school today to launch her latest novel Kapheus Fire. We even had the privilege of having Marguerite read to us as we all sat around her and listened to her every word!
Thank you, Marguerite for all the lovely compliments you paid our school! We are delighted to have you in our school anytime!”

St. Nicolas’ Primary School, Galway

“People who enjoy myths and legends, as well as Harry Potter fans, would love this book, which is much more mysterious, and a little bit darker than the previous two in the series […] The book has a sense of old mythology to it, with curious druids. I like this because it adds another layer to the story, while keeping the magical feel of the series.”

Eabha Kelly, Galway Independent