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Kapheus Time


Elisa is caught in the cross-fire as she is duped by old man Time himself in his attempt to settle an old score. He slips the armillary sphere into her pocket, and now, with the most powerful instrument in the universe, Elisa must find a way to return it before it’s too late. Both she and Jamie with the help of a gargoyle called Conchobhar, a dragon called Dara and their long-time friend, Setanta, set out on the quest together, time travelling through history and legend in search of Time. If they fail, they will be lost forever and Elisa will take on the mantle of Time. However, if they succeed, the outcome is certain death, but the decision on who will die rests in the hands of Time. The time travellers must find a way to save whomever they can while trying to resist reweaving time’s delicate fabric.

Thrilling, thought-provoking and mesmerising. This is the adventure of a lifetime – Fallen Star Stories.

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