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Kapheus Air


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“You must return… ssss, tick tock goes the clock tick tock, ssss. You must return to Kapheus, Children of the Light. All hope lives or dies with you. Ahh, tick tock goes the clock, tick tock…”

Jamie doesn’t want to go back, Elisa has a longing to return, and time is running out for Jamie to decide. The arrival of a giant boy called Setanta and the last shape-shifter of Éire into Elisa and Jamie’s world makes everything more difficult for Jamie. The world of dragons and mythical creatures awaits him, and the elves won’t stop driving him crazy. What is a boy to do? Elisa cannot fulfil her destiny without Jamie, and Jamie couldn’t possibly let Elisa beat him to flying on a dragon’s back.

Kapheus Air helps children in their relationships with others. It also teaches them about synchronicity and how to change with the world around them.


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